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Are  you  tired  of  Ich  and  other  Fish  Diseases ?
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Are  water changes  every  month...  a  pain  and  hassle ?

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 x                      WHAT  IF  you  could  do  that  to  AQUARIUMS?  x x x x x x x  xxxxZAP  the  impurities  and  Free-up  Oxygen   in  the  tank. xThen everything  would  be  Cleaner,  Fresher,  and  Healthier.    But  more  importantly,  fish  can  ABSORB  much  more  Oxygen  which  BOOST  Immune  Systems  and  relieves  STRESS  and  ultimately  Eliminate  Diseases.   Plus,  aquariums  remain  that  way,  month  after  month!

Guaranteed Best Ich Treatment.   Proven ich treatment for all Fish Diseases.
You will never again have to worry about any disease breakouts.


YES,  it  is  now  possible  with  AQUA  IONIZER.

x  x  xxx  x  x  x AQUA IONIZER   is  a  revolutionary  IONIZER  for  aquariums.  x  x  x  x  x  x x  xxx    xx x xProviding  around  the  clock  'Molecular  Purification'  which  continuously x x xx x x xxx  xxx x  restores  water  quality  and  produces  enriched  Oxygen  radicals.  xDesigned  to  apply  Ionizing  Pulses at  passing  water which  Oxidizes (zaps)  impurities.   Best  Ich Treatment  solution.

Treatment of Ich using the AQUA IONIZER is used as a preventive measure against all diseases. It has been thoroughly tested and reported by 3rd party fish holding facilities to have a reduction of 80% in diseases, especially the onset and recovery of ick. Also, reported was the rapid healing of both fin rot and bacteria wounds, as well as the ability to help maintain strong healthy appetites, relieve stress, and calm fish if and during disease breakouts or infestations.

AQUA IONIZERTM accomplishes such Healthy benefits by applying continuous ionizing pulses geared toward the separation of water molecules. This separation of molecules allows Oxygen atoms to become super saturated and exhibit much greater bio-availability. This in turn, can be absorbed MORE easily and MORE effectively by tank inhabitants... simply the very best ich treatment and prevention of all diseases.

With increased Oxygen BIO-availability, both in the water and in fishes bodies, your aquarium inhabitants will expend LESS energy in just staying alive and being LESS stressed. With reserve energy to be more active - more reproductive - and more enjoyable to their owners. Greater reserve energy ensures that fish will remain healthy by enabling Osmoregulation to better control the concentration of body fluids and more successfully regulate osmosis.

All fish breathe by taking in water through their gills. Within their gills, they have a Blood Capillary system which absorbs as much Oxygen as it can from the flowing water. AQUA IONIZERTM frees-up the Oxygen atom availability allowing greater dissolved Oxygen that fish can more easily absorb and efficiently utilize. With Oxygen being freed-up, fish can can absorb a much greater content with less of their energy actually being used. This allows their immune system to stay very strong. Even the Oxygen that carries the red blood cells of fishes' become more efficient which prevents breakdown of the immunoglobin antibody. This helps to drastically boosts immunities while maintaining greater energy reserve and preserving osmoregulation.  By far, the best treatment ich solution around.

Hence, diseases can not attack fish very easily. And if they do, fish can and will naturally beat it. Also, fish will stay livelier, more active, grow faster, maintain brighter colors, but most importantly, remain LESS STRESSED and happier!  Simply the best of fish disease and ich treatment.


  • Reduces  water  changes  by  75%

  • Eliminates  Ich  and  Fish Diseases

  • Eliminates  Cloudy  water  foreverxx

  • Reduces  Green  Algae  build-upxx.

Before  you  waste  your  money  on  Chemicals,  or  other  Ich Treatment , or another  filter,  give  the  AQUA IONIZER  a  try!  We  guarantee  you  will  not  be  sorry.  Why  try  the  other  products  when  you  have  NO  guarantee,  when  you  can  enjoy  180 Day  Money  Back Guarantee  and  Product  life  of  10  Years.     No  Questions  Asked?

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